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talkEHRTM offers providers the freedom to practice more efficiently and profitably, enabling them to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients. It is the first cloud-based electronic health record platform with integrated voice interaction, allowing providers to interact with their EHR naturally.


talkEHRTM is a product of CareCloud, a leading healthcare IT company that has been offering inventive solutions to improve healthcare since 1999. With a team of experienced healthcare IT professionals, CareCloud has worked diligently to design a product that addresses provider needs and drives value to patients.


Our goal is to automate the less exciting aspects of practicing medicine, improve population health, and give providers time to enjoy the benefits of providing quality care.

Advancing Healthcare

Our software is integrated from the ground-up in order to ensure that our technology and services have you covered throughout both the patient care and the practice revenue cycles. We have one of the best rules-based engines in the market and it's constantly evolving to meet current billing and meaningful use compliance requirements.

talkEHRTM focuses on understanding the needs of businesses and making it easier for providers to make informed decisions. We enable them to use innovative tools to deliver better patient care. Our connections with billing partners, labs, and imaging centers help coordinate care smoothly. Our platform is centered on providing a holistic approach to population health, while incorporating evidence-based practices for better health outcomes. It is scalable and adaptable, for use as a solo practice or a multispecialty group.


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