Meet Allison – World’s First Intelligent Voice Assistant in EHRs

Meet Allison - Intelligent Voice Assistant

With technology changing all the avenues of life rapidly, a world full of innovations and surprises is a sure outcome. In the same domain, Artificial Intelligence is something gaining popularity tremendously due to its increasing similarity with the functioning of a human brain. This feature marks the height of technology, enabling the machines to make decisions that are highly accurate and effective.

Like all other major industries, the healthcare industry is also enjoying the advantages of Artificial Intelligence. Various AI-based software programs and applications are being offered that are meant to make the lives of doctors and patients easy and their dealings expedited. You will find the use of AI in EHR software commonly nowadays, proving the increasing demand for this facility worldwide.

If this intelligent machine functioning is taken to the next level, then we have the facility of voice assistants for further easing our healthcare dealings. A prominent name in the domain of EHR voice assistantship is Allison. With the convenience of doctors as its theme, Allison offers such features which enable the practice to manage their patients and the respective encounters effortlessly. It duly eliminates the need for any input device as you can simply command Allison to perform a specific function by just talking to it. All thanks to the natural language processing algorithms and the Google Voice framework that Allison responds to all your commands with superb efficiency while ensuring that operational errors and paperwork are minimized visibly.

But the question is: What makes Allison the first intelligent voice assistant in EHRs? Simply stating, Artificial Intelligence itself is what makes Allison stand out and make its mark in the healthcare industry. The following salient features prove the real effectiveness of this voice assistant in EHRs:

Why is Allison worth all the Attention?

  • Allison is a user-friendly voice assistant that requires literally no technical skills to operate it. Providers can easily make the software perform a given function by simply inputting their voice.
  • It has an enhanced capability to transcribe the notes of physicians with greater accuracy and ensures that the documentation is complete and comprehensible to users at all levels. With these benefits, you can maintain a detailed electronic health record cost-effectively.
  • Allison operates without any delay, which is the primary reason behind its productivity. Within a fraction of a second, you get your command performed by this software with unmatched precision.
  • It helps to create such a data access system that is secure and provides a firm basis for a biometric single sign-on platform.
  • Allison exhibits a high level of adaptiveness with its ability to interpret the different manners in which a word or a phrase is spoken. This feature makes it more versatile.
  • With Allison at your disposal, you can set your schedule for appointments smartly while reducing the risk of missing the important ones.
  • This voice assistant gets integrated to the EHR software so adeptly that it starts giving real-time advice while preparing the encounters, taking notes or dealing with other documentation.
  • No matter what piece of information you want from the EHR, just tell Allison verbally and you will have it within seconds. It is that simple!

These pros of Allison are just the highlight of what this intelligent voice assistant can do for you. Not only will it improve the quality of healthcare a practice provides to a patient, but will also enable the doctors to give greater attention to every patient and recommend them the best treatment possible.

There is no doubt that the use of voice assistants in the healthcare industry is rising rapidly as more practices are now aware of its advantages and want to utilize them for ameliorating their own productivity and lucrativeness. On the other hand, patients are also adapting the technology owing to the convenience it offers in the healthcare-related dealings. Although this technology has been in use for decades, Allison is the pioneer with respect to its integration to the EHR systems. With a profound infrastructure being designed, soon the EHR systems and Allison will be serving as an all-in-one solution for the practices and patients worldwide.

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