5 Important Features of EHR Software for Every Healthcare Worker

Features of EHR Software

Health information technology (HIT) is transforming the healthcare industry by changing the ways to store and use patient health information. In most of the practices, the patient health information is now shifted from paper base to electronic health record software that is a useful way to collect and consolidate patient’s health information into a single database for quick and easy access.

Although, electronic health record software (EHR) is a tremendous development to access time-sensitive patient health data as it sets you free from the limitations of location and operation hours. But currently, this technology has some loopholes like the patient has to answer some specific questions repeatedly whenever they visit a new practice. Such problems indicate the need for improvements in the current electronic health record soft wares. Likewise, unnecessary steps or automation opportunities in EHR software reduces the performance of your staff.

5 Essential Features to Look While Choosing EHR Software

Now, we will discuss 5 important features of EHR software that should be considered while choosing the right electronic health record software for your practice that will help you to avail the benefits of this technology without reducing the performance of your staff.

  1. Integrated Billing System

Integrated billing system can streamline the cash flow of your practice. It makes the transactions easier and less chaotic while it also gives you the complete financial report of your practice, so you take the right actions on time by relying on the collected facts.

  1. Automation

Extra clicks and data entry fields can consume a lot of staff’s time, so it is pertinent to go for the EHR software option that offers automated processes to a larger extent. The automations will cut off the unnecessary clicking and data entry time so your staff would be able to entertain more patients in a shorter time.

  1. Security Measures

EHR software has to save confidential patient health information that is duly protected by HIPAA privacy rule so you should strictly analyze the security measures of the technology that you are going to use in your practice. Make sure the electronic health record software meets the government standards and regulatory requirements of information security. An EHR system that comes with strict security checks will keep you away from the hackers and legal matters regarding patient data breach.

  1. System Updates

System updates are necessary to keep your EHR technology updated with the modern standards of the industry. You should ask about the help & support your EHR vendor is providing along with that software and also ask about the system down time that is required to update the system. Some EHR vendors provide updates on the run while others may take down the system at whole for several hours to update the program. The system down-time cause huge delays in the workplace so you should not underestimate this point and precisely ask about their system update procedure.

  1. Company Stability

Last but not least, you should choose EHR software of a stable company as you are going to use this software for a long time and you will never want that your EHR vendor goes out of the business that will eliminate the regular software support & updates. While at that time if you go to implement some other software, then its implementation and training will adversely affect the performance of your staff & practice.

Research is valuable when choosing or transitioning to any health information technology. By looking out the above points, you can select the right HIT technology for your practice that will save you time, money and enables you to get maximum benefits of this modern technology.


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