EHR Transition – Switch to talkEHR

Why you should switch to talkEHR?

A focus on interoperability along with new policies being introduced by CMS has led providers to shop through the market for their next EHR. The patients have higher expectations with access to their healthcare records through technology which has become a driving force in the industry.

EHRs are meant to help run efficient practices and improve patient care. After about a decade, providers still find EHRs to be as complicated as ever and, at times are known to be a hindrance in running their practice smoothly. On top of all this, EHRs come with hefty costs plus additional fees for important features.

talkEHR has taken into account all provider complains to introduce a free EHR and a complete solution to your practice. Migration from your current EHR is provided at no cost and we have a special offer for SOAPware users. A platform that uses the most up to date technology is essential to keep up with the demands of patients, providers, and regulations. talkEHR’s intuitive interface gives providers more time to focus on patients and allows access on any device. Learn more about talkEHR’s features.

Minimal clicks
Intuitive interfaces
More face-to-face time with patients
Smooth workflow
No more high EHR costs
Meaningful Use 3 built into workflow
Adaptive templates
Flexible billing



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