What’s more Cost-Effective than Free-of-Cost EHR Software?

talkEHR Free EHR Software

In 2012, when physicians and healthcare providers were feeling increasingly under pressure to achieve objectives of Meaningful Use Stage 1 in their implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR), the Journal of Medical Economics published a detailed report on the actual costs of an EHR implementation plan incurred by physicians. The figures turned out to be far above than was originally anticipated.

Primary Care Physicians were made to spend as much as $6,516 after the first six months of implementing an EHR. In multi-physician practices, the additional expense sky-rocketed to as much as $162,000 in the first year. The healthcare providers not only had to spend a hefty sum on purchasing the system but also had to devote precious time and resources in training the staff to use this overly complex software. More often than not, the additional workforce had to be hired to deal with the increased workload. This financial burden was compounded by the fact that all this hassle significantly curtailed the time available to the physicians to see their patients. As a result, the number of patients for many physicians reduced to half. This cumbersome cost and loss of efficiency was a serious cause of frustration in the majority of the healthcare providers.

Fast forward to 2017, and although the percentage of physicians using EHR has considerably increased compared to 2012, the fiscal costs of EHR implementation still remain high. So much so, that many small practices, unable to bear the cost and complications of EHR, are simply choosing to close down.

A couple of EHR providers have jumped in to address the plight of physicians. The most disruptive of these is talkEHR – Free EHR Software. It out-competes its rivals by delivering its EHR software – which by far is the only MU3 certified software available – completely free of charge, that too without bearing any hidden costs or carrying any distracting advertisements. The system boasts a very simplistic design that renders it extremely user-friendly. Moreover, innovative features like voice-enabled navigation have been included to help healthcare providers save precious time. Artificial intelligence is applied to automate many of the routine tasks, thus preventing any loss of efficiency of the practice. The company also provides round the clock support to its customers through its discussion forum, which simplifies the EHR transition process for the physicians. Free-of-cost maintenance support for the EHR further minimizes the adoption costs for the providers. This customer-centered approach is what makes talkEHR a unique and groundbreaking addition to IT Healthcare sector.

Medical practices are critical in nature and therefore, cannot make allowances for any inefficiency. There is an urgent need to expand such innovative and cost-effective EHR services to a wider population of healthcare providers in order to mitigate their sufferings and ensure the proficiency that Electronic Health Records are supposed to deliver.


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