Interoperability Via Permission Based Blockchain Network

MTBC has implemented a permission-based Blockchain network, which holds references of the medical records. Patient's data is still stored in the traditional way i.e. on their associated EHR's database. An EHR can first obtain references of the desired record and pick the record from other EHR's database using their secure API.

Key Features

EHR Interoperability

EHR's can connect with your Blockchain for interoperability of medical records via easy-to-use API. Having medical records in their own database, they can update references of records and changes in Blockchain. For retrieval of records, they would need to provide their secure API so that other trusted EHR's can access their medical records.

Patient's Control Over Data

With this implementation, we are giving patients ownership and control of their medical records. Whenever they have to visit a provider other than their Primary Care Provider, they can decide type of secure access they want to give to that provider. They can also set time limit for the access.

Take Your Data Wherever You Go

With your talkPHR app connected with Blockchain network, patients can take their records wherever they go. They can access their records using our talkPHR web or mobile app, whether the records are in talkEHRTM or any other EHR connected with our Blockchain network.

Our Blockchain Architecture

EHR vendors interested in connecting with our Blockchain network can email us at for more information.