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Specialty-Specific Templates

talkEHRTM comes pre-configured with over 68 specialty-specific practice templates. This ensures that you’re up and running almost immediately upon creation of your talkEHRTM account. We have thought through all possible use cases and built talkEHRTM to reflect your specialty-specific needs, both from a visual and functionality-based point of view. With talkEHRTM, you will no doubt find yourself spending less time charting and more time practicing.

Mimics Your Workflows

talkEHRTM mimics the natural workflows of doctors, which makes it very intuitive to use. An assortment of useful shortcuts is available at every step, minimizing the time and effort required for data entry. And customizable templates are there help you chart quickly and efficiently.

Easily Update Patient Information

talkEHRTM makes it possible for patients to electronically fill their intake forms before their scheduled appointments. The information that is captured gets automatically saved within their chart notes. This process makes it easier on the patients because they don’t have to do the paperwork last minute or in-person. Rather, they can take their time and think through their responses, allowing for a more accurate information capture process. This also saves the provider and office staff from having to manually enter or scan intake form information into the medical records.

Easy to Use

talkEHR’s integrated charting services enable doctors to quickly and accurately generate charts. They’re made so you can easily generate, modify and sign progress notes. You can also keep track of your patient’s health data to monitor improvements and identify any potential treatment gaps before they arise.

Efficient Workflows

With talkEHRTM, you can retrieve desired information immediately and save valuable time charting. talkEHRTM lets you view a patient summary in one quick glance to get an idea of his or her medical condition. Every document, including lab results, prescription orders, and medical history is available in a proper sequence on the dashboard. You can also review charts and notes from anywhere using your smart device.

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