talkEHRTM Comparison

talkEHR is a free cloud-based EHR that you can easily set up within minutes. You just need to create an account and then you can get going with your very own personal virtual medical assistant. Research has suggested that the financial burden of implementing an EHR can cost upwards of $100,000. talkEHR offers everything you’ll find in other EHR's, but with more included, and it's all free!

Below you can view a comparison of talKEHR to other top EHR vendors.

Features talkEHR Practice Fusion athenahealth eClinicalWorks
Cost per provider Free!

No hidden costs
$99/month per provider =
$1188/ year per provider
(without ads)
Percentage or monthly fee
depending on practice size
and specialty
Min. $375/month
Implementation support cost Free! None *Charges apply for customization
of interfaces
Contract length and termination fee No commitment,
no termination fee
1 year minimum Monthly contract, no
termination fee
5 year contract with early
fee for termination ($7,000)
Setup Time Account created
within 5 minutes!
A few minutes Min. 1 month Min. 3 month
Integrated Interactive Voice Interaction
Integrated Labs and Imaging Included in cost of EHR Additional charges per connection
Electronic Prescription
*Standard ID proofing rates
apply + additional charges for
Included in cost of EHR Included in cost of EHR Monthly fee
Automatic updates Free! Included in cost of EHR Request for updates
Support Included with EHR for FREE! Included with EHR Included in cost of EHR Additional charges may
Meaningful Use certified (2017)
Integrated billing
Direct Provider Messaging
*Additional charges may apply
Included in cost of EHR Included in cost of EHR

1 Fleming, N., Culler, S., McCrokle, R., Becker, E. and Ballard, D. (2011). The Financial And Nonfinancial Costs of Implementing Electronic Health Records In Primary Care Practices. Health Affairs, 30(3), pp.481-489.

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