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Paperless prescribing saves you and your patients time

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talkEHR’s easy-to-use e-prescription (eRx) module allows providers and medical practitioners to electronically send prescriptions to participating pharmacies across the U.S. This offers a convenient alternative to handwritten notes and fax messages which are prone to prescription errors due to illegible handwriting.

Through talkEHR's e-prescription interface, providers can easily manage refill requests generated by different pharmacies for patients. Once a request is received from a pharmacy, providers can review and approve requests from within talkEHR’s interface.

Third-party apps such as eRx (App store link) can also be interfaced with talkEHRTM to manage prescriptions on the go.

The e-prescription module also warns providers of potential allergic reactions and side effects based on the respective medical history of patients. Our easy-to-use e-prescription (eRx) module can be used as an individual solution or can be fully integrated into talkEHRTM and practice management solutions.

Timely Prescriptions

Prescription orders can be submitted electronically during the patient visit, as long as the pharmacy accepts electronic prescriptions. This speeds up the turnaround time, allowing patients to get their desired medications faster. Providers can save a significant amount of time each week by managing prior authorizations through the talkEHRTM system.

Prescription Confirmation, Management and Patient Safety

talkEHRTM offers you the ability to manage prescriptions more efficiently, resulting in more time to spend with your patients. Using talkEHRTM, you can verify orders and track prescription fulfillment from the pharmacy. You can also manage patient medications from anywhere.

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