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Improve patient health outcomes with flagged abnormal reports

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Lab Connectivity with talkEHR™

talkEHRTM offers a seamless and flexible interface to connect with all renowned clinical labs in the U.S., including Quest, LabCorp and many others.

Streamline Clinical Documentation

Processing clinical documentation and lab reports for hospitals, practices and labs is much easier through talkEHR’s lab connectivity.

Electronically Process Lab Forms

Using talkEHR’s lab connectivity, you can electronically complete the test requisition forms which will save you endless hours of paper work.

Obtain Lab Results Instantly in talkEHR™

All lab results become instantly available in talkEHRTM once they’re ready. High priority reports reflecting the need for urgent medical interventions will automatically be flagged in the software and sent to the respective provider.

Seamless Interaction with Your Patients

Providers can share lab reports with their patients directly through talkEHR’s patient platform—talkPHR.

Patient Referrals

You can easily refer your patients to any other provider within the U.S., forwarding along any necessary lab results and other clinical information.

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