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EHR Overview

Minimize screen time. Increase patient interactions.

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talkEHRTM is a fully integrated cloud-based, MACRA-MIPS certified, voice interaction, artificial intelligence (AI) based electronic health records software that allow you to stay in touch with your patients and practice from anywhere and on any device.

Key Features

Artificial Intelligence

talkEHRTM is always learning from you. As you spend more time with your EHR, automatic predictions will help you chart faster.

Voice Interaction

Interact naturally with talkEHRTM through Allison, a medical voice assistant and avoid complex menus, excessive clicking and typing.

Business intelligence

talkEHRTM has built-in business intelligence modules that provide comprehensive patient collections, along with clinical, financial & operational insights.

MACRA & MIPS Certified

talkEHRTM is one of the very few electronic health records that is compliant with MACRA’s reporting requirements.

Cloud Based

With its cloud-based technology, talkEHRTM will always be up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements.


talkEHRTM has an integrated telehealth solution that allows communication with patients via talkPHR our patient portal app.

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