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Patient Engagement

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Improve patient engagement with talkEHR’s patient engagement platform—talkPHR. It is a simple and intuitive platform, enabling patients to conveniently access important information about their health and physician encounters. Through a single interface, patients can access their lab reports, make payments, view claims history, schedule appointments, update demographic data, and much more.

Effortless Appointment Scheduling

With talkPHR, patients can schedule and manage appointments, and receive automatic appointment reminders on their smartphones. By automating repetitive tasks that would otherwise require manual work, talkPHR saves your office staff from wasting their valuable time so they can focus on more important activities.

Save Hours with Data Entry Efforts

By logging into talkEHR’s patient portal, patients can fill out their personalized “Patient Registration Form” and the information will be saved inside the patient chart. This will save office staff countless hours sitting in front of a screen entering patient’s data.

The talkPHR App

The talkPHR smartphone app extends the core functionality of the platform by affording patients with a truly mobile and rich experience. They can schedule appointments, access lab reports, and make payments— all on their smartphone. With our smartphone apps for Apple and Android, patients can remain abreast of all the latest developments regarding their health, as well as upcoming doctor visits through alerts and smart notifications. talkPHR provides patients with the comfort and convenience of staying connected to their doctor’s office, no matter where they are.

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