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Electronic Patient Intake Forms

talkEHR’s built-in scheduler provides a convenient bird’s-eye-view of all your appointments. The scheduling module displays appointments by providers and locations, affording complete administrative visibility. Electronic patient intake forms reduce administrative overheads and improves the overall productivity of the office staff. The scheduler also interfaces with the personal health record app, allowing for automatic appointment reminders and other notifications. Automated reminder calls and text messages can be setup to remind patients about upcoming doctor visits.

Online Check-in

talkEHRTM integrates with an assortment of mobile health apps, thereby extending its core functionalities. Utilize your time more efficiently while focusing on your patients because you don’t need to waste any more time manually entering patient information. Using the online check-in feature, you can now create fully customized intake forms to auto-populate patient information into the charts prior to appointments.

Real-time Insurance Eligibility Verification

talkEHR’s built-in real-time insurance eligibility verification software provides fast, reliable and accurate eligibility information about patients. Access Medicare, Medicaid and other commercial payer databases to verify patient eligibility around the clock, all year long. With talkEHRTM, you have all the tools necessary to confirm patient eligibility, thereby allowing for a more timely and seamless reimbursement process.

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