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Yes. Under the patient’s tab click on import patient and select the example excel file to fill out. You can import a maximum of 1000 patients. (see step 3 before importing patient records)
They will need to be on the talkPHR patient portal or phone app and have activated the app, after being invited by the provider/office.
Yes. Under the settings tab click on Patient Portal in the Patient Engagement Section to automatically send invites to all new patients added to talkEHR after you turn-on the option. It sends an email or a text message to patients inviting them to join talkPHR.
Note: Activate this option BEFORE importing patients in order for them to get the automatic invite. After activating it, any new patient you add will get an invite.
With telehealth integrated with talkEHR your EHR is a cohesive system that allows for charting functionality and telehealth claim submissions (if you have submission setup with MTBC), while on a telehealth call. You can take snapshots during the call and save them directly on the patients’ notes. You also have a complete telehealth log to match your encounters, claims and payments. This allows you to track your records for your practice or in case of an audit. (Other third-party stand-alone telehealth tools do not have auditable reports for payers which is why we integrated this with talkEHR).
We can store credit cards or patient insurance for each call. You must have our integrated merchant account i.e. or PayEzee, to process payments through talkEHR. This will allow you to process balance amount, co-pays, co-insurance and self-pay patients.
The account with talkEHR and telehealth can be set up within 20 minutes. All that is needed is for you to create a talkEHR account through, import/create a patient in talkEHR, invite the patient to talkPHR; and for you to schedule the call.
  • In a clinical set up, usually the codes used are E/M codes with specific place of service (02-TELEHEALTH), and a modifier 95.
  • However, this is not an exhaustive list, just Medicare 2020 Telehealth codes from our coding department:

CY 2020

Code Short Descriptor
90785 Psytx complex interactive
90791 Psych diagnostic evaluation
90792 Psych diag eval w/med srvcs
90832 Psytx pt&/family 30 minutes
90833 Psytx pt&/fam w/e&m 30 min
90834 Psytx pt&/family 45 minutes
90836 Psytx pt&/fam w/e&m 45 min
90837 Psytx pt&/family 60 minutes
90838 Psytx pt&/fam w/e&m 60 min
90839 Psytx crisis initial 60 min
90840 Psytx crisis ea addl 30 min
90845 Psychoanalysis
90846 Family psytx w/o patient
90847 Family psytx w/patient
90951 Esrd serv 4 visits p mo <2yr
90952 Esrd serv 2-3 vsts p mo <2yr
90954 Esrd serv 4 vsts p mo 2-11
90955 Esrd srv 2-3 vsts p mo 2-11
90957 Esrd srv 4 vsts p mo 12-19
90958 Esrd srv 2-3 vsts p mo 12-19
90960 Esrd srv 4 visits p mo 20+
90961 Esrd srv 2-3 vsts p mo 20+
90963 Esrd home pt serv p mo <2yrs
90964 Esrd home pt serv p mo 2-11
90965 Esrd home pt serv p mo 12-19
90966 Esrd home pt serv p mo 20+
90967 Esrd home pt serv p day <2
90968 Esrd home pt serv p day 2-11
90969 Esrd home pt serv p day 12-19
90970 Esrd home pt serv p day 20+
96116 Neurobehavioral status exam
96150 Assess hlth/behave init
96151 Assess hlth/behave subseq
96152 Intervene hlth/behave indiv
96153 Intervene hlth/behave group
96154 Interv hlth/behav fam w/pt
96160 Pt-focused hlth risk assmt
96161 Caregiver health risk assmt
97802 Medical nutrition indiv in
97803 Med nutrition indiv subseq
97804 Medical nutrition group
99201 Office/outpatient visit new
99202 Office/outpatient visit new
99203 Office/outpatient visit new
99204 Office/outpatient visit new
99205 Office/outpatient visit new
99211 Office/outpatient visit est
99212 Office/outpatient visit est
99213 Office/outpatient visit est
99214 Office/outpatient visit est
99215 Office/outpatient visit est
99231 Subsequent hospital care
99232 Subsequent hospital care
99233 Subsequent hospital care
99307 Nursing fac care subseq
99308 Nursing fac care subseq
99309 Nursing fac care subseq
99310 Nursing fac care subseq
99354 Prolonged service office
99355 Prolonged service office
99356 Prolonged service inpatient
99357 Prolonged service inpatient
99406 Behav chng smoking 3-10 min
99407 Behav chng smoking > 10 min
99495 Trans care mgmt 14 day disch
99496 Trans care mgmt 7 day disch
99497 Advncd care plan 30 min
99498 Advncd are plan addl 30 min
G0108 Diab manage trn per indiv
G0109 Diab manage trn ind/group
G0270 Mnt subs tx for change dx
G0296 Visit to determ ldct elig
G0396 Alcohol/subs interv 15-30mn
G0397 Alcohol/subs interv >30 min
G0406 Inpt/tele follow up 15
G0407 Inpt/tele follow up 25
G0408 Inpt/tele follow up 35
G0420 Ed svc ckd ind per session
G0421 Ed svc ckd grp per session
G0425 Inpt/ed teleconsult30
G0426 Inpt/ed teleconsult50
G0427 Inpt/ed teleconsult70
G0436 Tobacco-use counsel 3-10 min
G0437 Tobacco-use counsel>10min
G0438 Ppps, initial visit
G0439 Ppps, subseq visit
G0442 Annual alcohol screen 15 min
G0443 Brief alcohol misuse counsel
G0444 Depression screen annual
G0445 High inten beh couns std 30m
G0446 Intens behave ther cardio dx
G0447 Behavior counsel obesity 15m
G0459 Telehealth inpt pharm mgmt
G0506 Comp asses care plan ccm svc
G0508 Crit care telehea consult 60
G0509 Crit care telehea consult 50
G0513 Prolong prev svcs, first 30m
G0514 Prolong prev svcs, addl 30m
G2086 Off base opioid tx first m
G2087 Off base opioid tx, sub m
G2088 Off opioid tx month add 30
If you are adding a new patient, select the payment method as self-pay. If the patient already has their insurance information entered into the system but you still want to save a claim as self-pay, in the claim section you select the self-pay option instead of sending in the claim for submission.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, almost all of the leading insurance companies are now supporting telehealth claims, including state funded Medicare and Medicaid. You can also check your patient’s eligibility on the appointment scheduler, or in their demographics tab to confirm what their individual plan allows.
For telehealth encounters of in-network billing clients, we are sending claims in with rates similar to in-office visit rates. If you have query about any specific billing plans or CPT codes, please email us at:
Yes. Click on reports and under the practice management section click on telemedicine call logs. Here you can view reports on all telehealth calls. You can see calls to certain patients, appointment date and time, appointment reason, and call duration.

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