A Detailed Overview of talkEHR's Offerings

August 12, 2022

Modern-day healthcare IT is revolutionizing how clinicians provide services and manage their revenue cycle. talkEHR strives to become a part of the change and empower community hospitals, academic institutions, multiple specialties, and individual practices through its advanced products. Whether you are looking for electronic health record software to manage your patient care history or back-office revenue cycle management support, talkEHR has your back.  

Continue reading to learn more about our products and how they can help you in improving your practice and financial health.

Electronic Health Records Software

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient's paper chart. It is patient-centered, real-time records, making information accessible to authorized users instantly and securely. The EHR system does contain patients' care history related to medicine and treatments. However, the purpose of its development goes beyond the standard clinical data collection in a medical organization. Thus, EHRs are a significant part of healthcare IT and include a broader view of patient care. Following are some of the major functions of an EHR system:

  • Streamline and automate clinicians' workflow
  • Enables providers to make intelligent decisions about patient care using evidence-based tools
  • Include a patient's complete medical history, medications, immunization dates, diagnoses, treatment plans, radiology images, allergies, and test results in a secure system

talkEHR’s Electronic Health Record software starts from $249 per provider per month.

Difference Between EMR and EHR Systems

To easily understand the difference between the two healthcare systems, focus on the terms 'medical' versus 'health'. An electronic medical record (EMR) provides a limited view of a patient's medical history. Conversely, the EHR system offers a comprehensive report of the patient's overall health.


  • It is mainly used for diagnosis and treatment by healthcare providers.
  • It is not accessible outside of the individual practice.


  • It allows patients' health information to move across specialties, pharmacies, emergencies, imaging facilities, labs, and state lines.
  • It is accessible by authorized staff and clinicians from more than one organization.

Benefits of talkEHR’s Electronic Health Records

  • A Holistic View of the Patient's History

Our EHR software helps providers to track the care continuum of patients throughout their life for better diagnosis and real-time treatment.

  • Adequate Coordination of Care

It assists healthcare professionals to easily track and coordinate across facilities and practices to provide improved patient care. Moreover, providers across disciplines and specialties can collaborate to ensure better patient outcomes by understanding what matters to the patient and how to keep him satisfied with the provided care.

It is a cloud-based system enabling providers to access the patient’s record from any device, order tests from labs, share test results and e-prescribe within a network of pharmacies.

  • Alleviate Errors

With talkEHR, coding for billing or procedure becomes easier and unreadable handwriting on physician's notes is not an issue anymore. Additionally, talkEHR’s fully-integrated system can flag drug interactions and other indicators to inform about potential harm.

  • Information Sharing

EHR software allows sharing of information across pharmacies, disciplines, hospitals, specialties, and emergency response teams. Since it is a cloud-based system, it also enables on-demand access to patient charts via internet devices allowing timely decision-making, specifically in life-threatening situations.

  • Streamlined Workflows

It not only cuts down on paperwork but also increases efficiency and productivity. Since the staff has fewer forms to fill, they can focus on seeing more patients, prescriptions, and referrals can be sent quickly. Automatic reminders for annual checkups and regular screening will help patients stay aware of their current health conditions and can help them make certain choices in a timely manner. Furthermore, integrated patient tracking, billing, and insurance claims can be filed promptly.

Moreover, you can select from 70+ customizable charting templates and modules of your specialty. It has an integrated dictation tool and allows you to chart while taking a telehealth visit.

  • Cost Reduction and Increased Efficiency

Integrated communication and digital records help in cutting down administrative costs by reducing the need for physical chart storage, transcriptions, coding, and claim management. It also improves the overall care coordination among payers, providers, pharmacies, and labs.

  • Big Data Analytics

Continuously collecting data helps clinicians to address health concerns in a preventive manner. The aggregated patient analytics may also alert providers regarding potential outbreaks and health trends.

  • Ensures Quality and Security

It is ONC-ACB MACRA/MIPS certified. It offers automatic diagnosis predictions and secure messaging with patients.  

Medical Billing Services

Medical billing involves submitting insurance claims for your practice provided to patients. However, it can be a daunting task for healthcare professionals. Hence, most practice managers and physicians decide to outsource it to a reputed medical billing company like talkEHR. Mentioned below are some of the responsibilities of medical billing companies:

  • Handling and transferring patient information
  • Claim submission to relevant insurance company
  • Ensuring timely claim reimbursements

Our charges starts from 5% of total claim reimbursements.

Benefits of talkEHR’s Medical Billing Solution

  • Focus More on Patient Care

It is challenging for clinicians, specifically in smaller practices, to provide excellent patient care if the financial side of running a practice keeps you occupied. Outsourcing your medical billing to talkEHR allows you to concentrate more on patient satisfaction.

  • Reduce Billing Errors

talkEHR's professional medical billers ensure that your claims are timely and accurately submitted. All billers have undergone thorough training and gained subject matter knowledge for each specialty for error-free claim submissions. As a result, your claims rejection and denial rate decrease considerably. Moreover, our billers also provide feedback to support you in maximizing reimbursements on future claims.

  • Downsize In-House Staff

Our medical billing services help you save thousands of dollars in annual salaries and benefits. Additionally, there is no need for buying, upgrading, and maintaining office furniture and supplies, computer equipment, and billing software in-house. You will pay a pre-decided percentage on each claim reimbursement.

  • Improved Cash Flow

If you have an in-house medical biller - claim reimbursements are subject to interruptions. When your medical biller is sick or goes out on a vacation, it will affect the timeliness of cash flow. However, getting talkEHR's medical billing service enables a steady and continuous flow of claims acceptance and cash flow. A persistent cash flow is essential for your bottom line and the success of the medical office.

  • Ensure Billing Compliance

The healthcare industry is ever evolving, and insurance companies are partly to blame. The biggest challenge in medical billing is keeping up with the changes in Medicaid, Medicare, and third-party payers. It is a full-time job to ensure the medical billers are up-to-date with the changing requirements and regulations to maintain compliance. Moreover, billers must follow protocols specific to each payer to submit clean claims.

By outsourcing your medical billing to talkEHR, you don’t have to worry about any of these challenges. Our billing solution ensures billing compliance, and our professional medical billers strive to stay informed about the ever-changing criteria of payers.

  • Increase Revenue

Outsourcing your medical billing to talkEHR will help you increase your profit. Our adept back-office team lifts the administrative burden; you experience reduced overhead costs, timely claims, and increased reimbursements. Moreover, our team manages payment posting and adjustments, denial management, and claims follow-up. Therefore, you can focus on better patient outcomes, ultimately improving your revenue.

Practice Management

Setting up a medical practice related to any specialty or nature demands commitment and time. Medical facilities require harmony across all departments and professionalism to perform efficiently.  

As a clinician, having proficiency in medicine is one thing, but it does not mean you will perform well in other business aspects, including operations and revenue management. However, implementing talkEHR's practice management software will help streamline the administrative spectrum of practice, alleviate errors, and increase profitability and productivity. Some of the business aspects that a practice management software can help you manage are listed below:

  • Information technology
  • Compliance  
  • Operations
  • Scheduling
  • Reimbursements

Benefits of talkEHR’s Practice Management Software

  • Streamlined Process

talkEHR's practice management software creates value for practice by automating routine tasks. It arranges everything systematically to avoid interruptions and streamline simultaneous operations.

It is an instrumental tool in constructing a fast-paced and efficient environment throughout patient scheduling, billing, and reporting.

  • Improved and Error-Free Documentation

In medical practice management software, the reliability and security of documentation tools are non-negotiable. A small error in patient records, diagnosis, treatment, and billing information can lead to severe repercussions.  

However, implementing talkEHR's practice management system reduces the chances of documentation errors significantly. The system also enables digital documentation of data with easy retrieval. Consequently, helping clinicians and medical staff perform better at their jobs.

  • Hassle-Free Scheduling

Scheduling becomes easier and hassle-free with a quality practice management solution. It allows patients to schedule directly from the online patient portal, sign-up for reminders, and stay updated on their follow-up care. Furthermore, its simple scheduling feature promotes a higher patient engagement in their care.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience

A quality practice management solution, like talkEHR, also improves the overall customer experience. Since by eliminating potential practice disruptions, simplifying processes, and digitizing inquiries, patients feel valued and satisfied with the received care.

  • Better Billing Procedures

With our medical billing system's reliable insurance verification, you can ensure a healthy revenue life cycle. It helps improve billing procedures; assisting front-desk staff in speedy and error-free payment collection.  

  • Full Integration

An integrated practice management system is integral for practices. Without it, clinicians will lose valuable time duplicating data, billing errors, and transcription processes.

Our practice management software integrates with EHR, medical billing, and telehealth software, enabling practices to communicate patient data across all software while saving time and resources.


Telehealth helps patients connect to essential health care services via secure video conferencing, remote monitoring, and electronic consultations. It ensures that patients receive the required care at the right time and place by increasing access to specialists and physicians.

According to American Hospital Association’s report, presently 76% of hospitals in the United States connect consulting practitioners with patients at a distance through it. Some of the goals for integrating telehealth into your practice are listed below:

  • Keep you and your patients safe if either has an infectious disease like Covid-19
  • Make health care accessible for people living in remote areas
  • Offers primary care for many conditions
  • Make remote access to medical specialists possible
  • Improve coordination and communication between patients and health care team
  • Enables self-management of healthcare achievable with on-demand virtual visits

Benefits of talkEHR’s Telehealth Solution

  • Expand Your Patient Base

Providing in-person patient care has its challenges, and one of the most frustrating among these is the no-shows. The providers lose valuable time and the opportunity to reach out to a new patient. However, with talkEHR's telehealth solution, healthcare practitioners can have a day full of virtual visits, alleviating no-shows and increasing treatment persistence and success.  

Besides, your patient base can significantly expand because it enables you to cater to a larger segment of patients with easy access and scheduling features. Furthermore, according to a telephone survey published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare conducted to measure patient satisfaction with real-time telemedicine found that patients who experienced telehealth visits considered it beneficial for their mental health.

  • Increased Collaboration

A full-service hospital combines a variety of medical disciplines. Optimizing communication across these disciplines is integral to achieving quick and straightforward healthcare measures. Combining expertise can increase the overall diagnostic value. For example, a consulting doctor can attend on-demand virtual visits to bring additional experience to the table and provide a quick second opinion.

  • Enhanced Patient Adherence

Telehealth software enables easy access to specialists and generalists that is significant for hospital promotion, patient adherence, and successful treatment. Some proven factors include reduced waiting periods, close monitoring, and patient satisfaction.

Moreover, since virtual care made quality healthcare accessible to patients even during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, its popularity and usability have increased. It has allowed patients to stay with their preferred healthcare facilities and practices, improving the revenue cycle of providers during the pandemic.

  • Added Revenue Stream

Telehealth integration helps clinicians to have an added revenue stream. It allows you to properly log telehealth calls and turn unbillable follow-up calls into revenue-generating encounters. Moreover, it enables you to extend your office hours virtually so you can cater to an increased number of patients.

  • Cost Reduction

It can reduce costs in many medical disciplines, including cardiology, pediatric medicine, and dermatology by mitigating the need for expensive procedural or specialist follow-up by providing competent care in a more efficient way. It also lowers general expenses like medical examination room space, front-desk support, and material for diagnosis.  

TalkEHR's virtual care system helps hospitals effectively manage the burden on accident and emergency (a&e) departments by reducing the number of visits. Besides, it enables physicians to save time and money spent on travelling to clinics or hospitals.

  • Seamless Virtual Visits

It can integrate with HIPAA-compliant practice management software, which makes appointment booking and rescheduling easy. It automatically generates notifications to minimize no-shows and allows providers to chart while conducting a virtual visit.

Furthermore, another aspect of our telehealth system is its ability to automate admin and other manual processes permitting non-clinical staff to have more time for other front-office activities like welcoming patients and answering their queries. It can help make employees' workloads more manageable, empowering them to succeed in other aspects of their jobs.

  • Patient Friendly Interface

Our telehealth software is built with patients in mind to provide a worthwhile experience. It offers easy single-click access and is equipped with a virtual waiting room to make the waiting time less stressful.

PrecisionBI Lite

Precision BI Lite - An analytics tool by talkEHR, designed to assist clinicians and healthcare practices to analyze data. With the help of our software, the providers can improve outreach, predict trends and manage the spread of infectious diseases.  

This software offers insights on both macro and micro levels. The data reveals opportunities to improve financial health, business management, patient care quality, and clinical and diagnosis data.  

Coupled with business intelligence suites and data visualization, it helps you make data-driven business decisions by providing precise and insightful reports and KPIs, enabling you to take a proactive business approach for improved profitability.

PrecisionBI Lite - financial analytics starts from $20 per provider per month.

Benefits of talkEHR’s PrecisionBI Lite

  • Boost Profitability

Our financial analytics tool offers a holistic view of your financial health with precise and insightful reports and KPIs. Its plug-and-play dashboards connect you quickly to your data. Moreover, its year-to-year comparison reports enable you to make data-driven business decisions. As a result, you collect more dollars and experience improved profitability.

PrecisionBI Lite has a visual user interface allowing you to analyze data quickly. You can also customize and modify reports for your practice's specific needs.

  • Identify Financial Leaks

PrecisionBI Lite can help you identify financial leaks such as lags in insurance claims or billing processes. It also creates detailed reports showing where your practice is leaving money on the table. All this information is vital in optimizing your revenue cycle and helps you take rectifying steps.

  • Improved Health Outcomes

For any practice, the main goal of providing quality healthcare is to treat patients safely and effectively while minimizing the trauma associated with their treatment. Analyzing real-time patient data helps professionals in understanding the complex healthcare environment. It also assists in developing and applying a systematic approach to ensure quality care is provided to all patients.

Furthermore, healthcare data analysis helps lower diagnosis errors, reduce readmission rates, and effectively identify at-risk populations.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

Healthcare analytics software can not only help clinicians in providing quality care efficiently and cost-effectively, but it can also help in improving patient outcomes and healthcare processes. It makes the data analytics accessible and comprehendible for providers to address their ongoing challenges.  

Analytics can assist you in taking more informed steps for several challenges, including staff recruitment and utilization, enhanced patient experience, and operational efficiencies. Patient-centered healthcare is dependent on your knowledge of your patients' needs and wants. Data analytics can unlock this information.

  • Use Data for Enhanced Medical Research

According to research, you can apply big data analytics techniques for enhanced research efforts in many health and medicine-related areas. You can collect data from several sources, including electronic health record systems, public health records, and personal health records. Besides these, other data sources include disease and patient repositories.

User-Friendly Interface

  • User-Friendly Interface

Our healthcare and financial analytics tool offers secure and fast onboarding, guided setup, and data importation support. It has an easy-to-use interface. Also, if you encounter any difficulties, our customer support team is available round the clock to help you.

Mobile Health Apps

talkEHR also offers several mobile health apps to providers to improve medication reconciliation accuracy. Our apps make remote patient monitoring easy and possible, improve clinician communication and coordination, and enhance medication adherence.  

Following are talkEHR’s mobile health apps that you can leverage to provide a better patient experience and satisfaction.


Our patient health records mobile app, talkPHR - is available for App and Android devices. You can get it to perform any of the following activities:

  • Enables you to quickly schedule appointments
  • Let you view and update your demographic information
  • Offers easy access to lab tests and results
  • Allows you to review claims and e-statements
  • Provides quick telehealth access


Our telehealth app is fully HIPAA-compliant. It lets you expand your revenue opportunity and provide enhanced patient care by making fast, secure, and easy telehealth visits. Following are some of the benefits you can get from it:

  • Grow your practice without additional overhead
  • Convenient and easy to use for both patients and clinicians  
  • MACRA/MIPS certified


With our talkCheckin tablet app, you can impress your patients and perform the following tasks on iPad and Android tablets:

  • For up-to-date patient demographic information
  • Track individual claim details
  • Review balances and increase payments
  • Collect secure credit card payments


It is an application designed to make e-prescribing easy for you. You can use it to submit e-prescriptions, approve or reject refill requests, access patients’ chart summaries, and receive and manage adverse interaction warning alerts.  


It helps you reduce documentation stress. It enables you to dictate clinical notes, letting you stay focused on your patients. Moreover, it automatically converts voice to text into chart notes.

Anesthesia App

It helps you digitize anesthesia workflows with the electronic health records app. It offers clearinghouse integration, surgery schedule reconciliation, document imaging/workflow integration, and end-to-end RCM.

Bottom Line

talkEHR has pledged to benefit the healthcare industry and empower healthcare practitioners with its professionally-tailored IT products. This guide explains everything you need to know about each product to help you decide whether it is worth a try or not. If you still have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out.