Empowering your Practice starts with a powerful EHR

February 17, 2022

Over the years, electronic health records (EHR) have proven to be an excellent method to power your health system. Not only does an EHR provide insight into a patient’s medical history, but equips doctors and high-growth practices to reciprocate treatments effectively. The EHR provides medical professionals with secure and easy access to patient’s vital health information to treat promptly. Running an efficient, secure and profitable practice can be challenging. Not only do you have to provide unmatched, quality care, but operations must be efficient so that you're not losing time or money.

Here are a few ways to select an EHR that empowers your practice:


5 Tips to Choosing a Powerful EHR 


1- Ease of Appointments to Reduce Administrative Burdens

 With an integrated patient portal, patients can quickly schedule appointments without any hassle. Booking through the portal triggers automated appointment confirmations and reminders, which can effectively mitigate administrative burdens. These scheduling systems are designed to minimize patient wait times to ensure an improved office experience. Furthermore, ease of information plays a key role in empowering your health system. Patient portal systems are developed to make sure that patients have access to important documentation critical to their care.  


2- Focus on Preventive Measures  

 Automated templates can be used to encourage patients to book appointments for screening and tests. By utilizing an EHR, your practice will be able to better educate your patients about the early signs of devastating diseases as well as manage potential health risks. Saving and enriching lives is at the heart of your practice and the right EHR can help you do just that.


3- Make Timely Decisions  

 When a patient’s medical history is stored on a single platform, you are able to access the data from anywhere at any time. The data should include all of an individual’s medical information, giving you a clear picture into a patient’s condition. Cloud-based EHR solutions should also provide secure and fast access to patient data, helping you make informed, timely clinical decisions.


4- Minimize Errors   

 With the right EHR you can have better tracking and more detailed documentation of patient interactions. You can track complete medical related information such as tests, referrals & lab results. Another plus of EHR is that you will be timely updated about the pending and complete results and will alert you if the results fall in the normal ranges. In this way, the errors are reduced and the practice’s operational efficiency increases.  


5- Pay attention to the Contract

 When you’re considering a vendor and are ready to sign the contract, make sure they offer support around the clock. Training and implementation support are also important lines to look for. Not only should you have detailed information about training and mode of delivery, but you should have clear transparency of the costs associated as well.


Final thoughts

 The right cloud-based EHR provides plenty of benefits to your medical practice. The right selection is the key as it will not only empower your health system but also increase efficiency and profitability of your practice.