talkEHR Practice Management System’s Features and Benefits

June 9, 2022

What is Practice Management?

Medical practice management is extremely handy if you want to make your practice more productive. It streamlines your patient management process along with billing workflow to increase practice efficiency. As per American Medical Association, “The goal of healthcare practice management is to provide professional satisfaction and enhance the delivery of patient care”. Healthcare organizations integrate practice management systems to manage scheduling, patient tracking, and accounting. Registration, reporting, and all other related tasks are also managed using a single workflow across all operations. In this way, a single platform is used to collect payments on all patient accounts.  

All You Need to Know About Practice Management Software

Practice management software is tailor-made to help medical practices run more efficiently. Normally small and medium-size organizations use practice management systems to manage both financial and administrative tasks. This system can also be used to connect with electronic health records (EHR) software. The following are some of the key capabilities of practice management software:  

  • Can be Used to Enter and Track Patients
  • Records Patient Demographics
  • Appointment Tracking
  • Helpful in Billing Procedures
  • Submits Insurance Claims
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Much more  

It is quite easy to use practice management software as your practice will require an internet connection and hardware to run on. There are multiple deployment options such as internet-based software, desktop-only software, and client-server software.  

What is talkEHR Practice Management Solution and What Can it do?

talkEHR practice management software helps your practice in revenue cycle optimization so that you can collect every dollar. With its simple yet powerful scheduler, you can easily create and confirm appointments without any hassle. Furthermore, it helps in improving the no-show rates by giving automated patient reminders.  

Advantages to Customers Using Practice Management System

Management becomes quite easy using talkEHR’s practice management system as it automates billing notifications. With a simple collections workflow, our system provides quick view appointment tracking to increase the practice’s productivity and efficiency. Organizations can get paid faster with the real-time reporting option that gives them a clear picture of the process. From planning to billing, the single-view dashboard of our software assists in seamless streamlining of billing workflow.  

Practice Management Software Features

The following are some of the core features of talkEHR’s practice management system.  

  • Online Scheduling
  • Faxing
  • Online Patient Charting
  • Virtual Medical Assistant
  • Task Section for Office, Lab Results and Encounters

With all these exceptional features, our nimble, yet affordable practice system enables the practices to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Nesha Prasia, MD at Metro Foot and Ankle Specialist shared her thoughts about our system

“talkEHR is very user-friendly. It has been really easy to navigate and adapt to. The medical billing services provided at 2.95% including the practice management feature is really a great deal!”


Our practice management system consists of all the features that assist healthcare practices to deliver top-quality care. The software is designed to be a natural extension of your workflow and will work for your practice. For more information, feel free to contact our round-the-clock support.