Checking patients in has never been easier

talkCheckIn is an application that is available for all healthcare practices using talkEHR. This unique and innovative check-in application offers a number of solutions for both the providers and the patients

Electronic Sign-in

Patients can sign in when they have reached the clinic for their appointment, either as a scheduled, walk-in or emergency patient. This check-in not only instantly informs the provider of the arrival of the patient but also automatically updates his system with patients’ basic information.

Automatic Form Filling

No more manual filling of forms required at every visit; established patients will find all their forms, including patient information form, consent form and financial forms ready and filled before the patient enters the examination room. New patients can use the analogous patient check in mobile application to fill out these forms at home as well.

Bill Payment

talkCheckIn also allows patients to pay their dues either in cash or through credit cards, thus simplifying their healthcare tasks every step of the way.