Your one stop solution to all your healthcare needs

With our advanced and easy-to-use patient portal, stay updated with your health records, manage all your healthcare tasks and get in touch with our physician, all at one point. Our cloud-based model ensures that all your healthcare needs are taken care of from any location at any time!

Personal Information

Need to change your home address or phone number? Just login to your patient portal, update the information and it will automatically be updated in your physician's records.

Multiple Accounts - One Login

Seeing multiple physicians for yourself and your family members? talkPHR allows you to keep track of multiple providers using just a single login. So now you can easily switch from viewing your lab report to getting an appointment with your child's pediatrician without having to logout several times.

Scheduling Appointments

Whether you want to view your upcoming appointment, add one. or edit or cancel the ones already scheduled, talkPHR makes sure you are able to achieve that in just a few clicks, be it from your desktop or your cellphone.

Medical History

Keep a complete and detailed record of all your medical history including your vitals, allergies, immunizations, prescribed medications, medical procedures and diagnoses, and browse through that data any time you want.

Lab Results

talkPHR saves all your lab reports and automatically notifies you when a new lab report arrives. It also lets you download, share or print your reports.

BMI Calculator & Health Recommendations

Let your patient portal guide you to good health and fitness. Calculate your Body Mass Index, view immunization charts or get dietary recommendations suitable to your particular health condition.

Provider's Message

Want to engage with your physician outside of your visits? Use talkPHR to easily communicate with your provider whenever you need to.


Save your time and energy by maintaining a comprehensive and automatically updated electronic record of all your medical bills, insurance claims, payments and dues. So goodbye to the word "hassle"!.

Data Exchange

talkPHR keeps all your medical record in CCDA files that you can easily download and share with any other provider anytime. Your concerns of interoperability are now a thing of the past!.