Top EHR Vendors List & Comparison 2022


Giving practices the right tools to deliver top-notch services, Epic EHR has been ranked the best solution for five years by KLAS in the largest segment. Its easy-to-use tools are designed to deliver high-quality care that helps practices thrive. Healthcare organizations can streamline tasks and improve productivity to meet revenue goals.
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Offering a fully integrated cloud-based EHR system, NextGen is primarily focused on small to medium practices. Moreover, as per the 2022 report by KLAS, Nextgen’s EHR and PM solution has topped the charts in the small PM/EMR segment. Its key features include a user-friendly patient portal that enhances productivity, patient satisfaction, and improve collective financial outcomes.
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talkEHR is assisting the providers to deliver top-quality care by providing the freedom to practice more efficiently. All-in-one, modern yet simple to use platform helps the practices to stay independent. ONC-ACB MIPS/MACRA certified easy-to-use solution ensures privacy and with 70+ customizable workflows and modules, practices can quickly streamline their workflow and reduce administrative burdens.
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Named best in KLAS for small ambulatory EMR/PM solutions in 2021, Kareo is providing an easy-to-use software, designed by healthcare providers for independent practices. With all the support, comprehensive dashboards, simple charting and easy e-prescribing, the practice scan start in minutes, not days.
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Spanning the continuum of care, Cerner’s EHR solution is tailor-made to improve outcomes with all the dedicated clinical, financial and operational tools. Designed to improve practice workflow, boost productivity and provide top-of-the-line patient care, the EHR system helps in taking in-time and data-driven decisions for better results.
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Greenway is providing Cloud-based specialty-focus EHR for the support of ambulatory practices. With simplified workflows and highly customizable solutions, it helps in quickly enabling financial success to meet revenue goals. Easy-to-navigate documentation helps the providers to keep up their pace by reducing clinical and administrative burdens.
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Recognized as 2020’s best small practice ambulatory EMR/PM by KLAS, AthenaHealth’s easy-to-use EHR helps practices document more efficiently and accurately. With higher clinical efficiency and enhanced care coordination, the providers can easily provide top-quality services.
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AdvancedMD offers an all-in-one platform to help improve healthcare practitioners’ productivity and efficiency. Practices can easily manage the operation from a single program with the help of features like simple charting, flexible scheduling, error-free patient record keeping, medical billing, and user-friendly patient engagement tools.
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Recognized as a top-rated EHR for community hospitals for five consecutive years, Allscripts is providing industry-leading solutions that are tailored to the modern healthcare sector needs. Ideal for small to mid-size practices, the software not only improves practice efficiencies but also streamline operations to enhance patient outcomes.
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Providing practices with secure cloud-based solutions, eClinicalWorks EHR is built for value-based care. Easy and fast documentation with excellent interoperability to access data anytime anywhere. Flexible and customizable solutions are developed to streamline workflows that help the practices to make better clinical decisions.
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