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Here is what we recommend:

  1. Call Practice Fusion to request your complete data (including SOAP notes and documents). The data (CCDA) downloaded directly from the reports section on Practice Fusion does not include SOAP notes and documents.
  2. Using the steps below, download the demographics information from Practice Fusion:
    1. Click on "Reports" on the left side of the screen in Practice Fusion.
    2. Click on "Patient lists report"
    3. Click on "Start New Query", and select "Age" from the list.
    4. Select the >= qualifier, then enter "0" (zero) in the free text box.
    5. Click "Run report".
    6. Click on "Export CSV" in the upper right corner of the screen to open the list in an Excel file.
    7. Save the file and upload it on the data import section on talkEHR.
  3. You may use talkEHR with the demographics information while you wait on the complete data from Practice Fusion.
  4. Once you receive the data, upload the file on the data import section.
  5. Leave the rest to us! We will merge and import the data in a structured format within 10-12 days and reach out to you.

Easy, isn’t it?
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Or, feel free to call one of our Support Team Members at 650-talkEHR (825-5347) who would be happy to walk you through the simple process of transitioning from Practice Fusion.